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Art Düsseldorf Renews Partnership with Ribbon to Elevate 2023 Art Fair Experience

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the success of this year's Art Düsseldorf, the premier art fair has committed to a fully hybrid transformation with Ribbon as their tech partner. The upcoming 2023 edition will feature an improved VIP browsing experience, stronger lead capture for galleries and the introduction of NFTs for select artists.

"Art Düsseldorf is like the Felix Valaton painting 'The Rising Tide' that lifts all art fairs", says Vinit Patil, CEO and Co-founder of Ribbon. "They're willing to take risks and test things out so that other art fairs can benefit from their ideas at work. It feels great when innovation benefits all."

Since working with Ribbon, Art Düsseldorf streamlined the collecting experience by introducing remote consulting with art docents, as well as a seamless login for collectors using their VIP portal and online marketplace. QR-code technology increased activity at the art fair, allowing buyers to easily follow up on favorite galleries and artworks post-market.

The physically and digitally blended fair experience, provided galleries with a multi-channel platform to sell their work. Since the launch of their online marketplace, Art Düsseldorf has curated various Artists Drops to increase the fair's profitability throughout the year. Ribbon further assists galleries by keeping track of leads and inquiries with visibility to real time data.

"A hybrid marketplace for fairs is a very new approach" says Walter Gehlen, Director of Art Düsseldorf. "With Ribbon we can continue to develop a customer experience that introduces digital components for a wider reach without cannibalizing the real world experience. As a result, our footprint is expanding internationally beyond German and European collectors."

Art Düsseldorf is part of the Angus Montgomery Arts Group who represent numerous important art fairs including Art SG, Taipei Dangdai and Tokyo Gendai. Art Düsseldorf will return to the neo-industrial Areal Böhler on March 31st thru April 2nd of 2023.

Ribbon has surpassed $150M in transactions since launching with various shows last year, and will be announcing new partnerships with fairs and showrooms in home, gift, art and apparel in the coming months.

About Ribbon: Ribbon, a San Francisco based tech company, offers a turn-key SaaS platform for powering specialized B2B marketplaces and hybrid fairs. Ribbon has revolutionized fairs in industries that traditionally only relied on in-person business by supporting face to face events with a complementary fully transactional e-commerce platform for exhibitors.

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