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Porton Advanced and Ascle Therapeutics Reached a Strategic Partnership to Promote the Application of NK Cells in Cancer Prevention, Beauty, and Anti-aging

SUZHOU, China, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 20, 2023, Porton Advanced announced a strategic partnership with Ascle Therapeutics to jointly develop and produce NK cells, assist in the development and innovation in gene and cell therapy, and accelerate the application of NK cells in cancer prevention, beauty, and anti-aging.

Porton Advanced is committed to providing end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO services, covering fields such as plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapy. Currently, Porton Advanced has successfully assisted customers in completing CMC and global declaration services for multiple gene and cell therapy drugs. Ascle Therapeutics specializes in the research and production of breakthrough immune cell therapy products, mainly focusing on the field of NK/CAR-NK anti-tumor immune cell therapy drugs. Ascle Therapeutics has also established a comprehensive immune cell therapy research and production system and it has three major technology platforms: universal CAR-NK, allogeneic NK/CAR-NK, and mRNA-LNP. According to the agreement, Porton Advanced will provide services of development, production, and declaration in China for Ascle Therapeutics' NK cell project, supporting the application of NK cells in cancer prevention, anti-aging, and beauty.

Dr. Li Huashun, founder and chairman of Ascle Therapeutics, stated, "CAR-NK cell therapy has a significant effect on cancer treatment. This therapy modifies NK cells by using genetic engineering to improve their ability to identify and kill tumor cells while reducing damage to normal cells. In the field of solid tumor treatment, CAR-NK cell therapy has significant advantages. In addition, NK cells have demonstrated outstanding efficacy in anti-aging. A single dose of two billion young and healthy cells can reduce circulating senescent cells by up to 80-100%[1], and the efficiency can last for 3 to 18 months. Ascle Therapeutics has profound accumulation and technological advantage in the field of NK cells. We have developed the Ascle-NK platform, which cultures exceptional and powerful NK cells. Meanwhile, Porton Advanced has achieved remarkable accomplishments in the research, development, production, and project declaration of gene and cell therapy drugs. I believe that with its rich experience and professional technology, Porton Advanced can provide important support for Ascle Therapeutics to promote the application of NK cells in anti-aging, beauty, and cancer prevention."

Dr. Wang Yangzhou, CEO of Porton Advanced said: "We are very pleased to reach a strategic partnership with Ascle Therapeutics. The R&D pipeline of Ascle Therapeutics has deep accumulation and advantages, especially in the NK field. Porton Advanced has established an end-to-end gene and cell therapy CDMO platform, with excellent process development capabilities and sterile drug production workshops, as well as production capabilities and experience in high-quality GMP cell products, and can achieve customized production according to customers' requirements. Moreover, Porton Advanced also has internationally advanced analytical development technology and platforms to ensure the quality and safety of future products, empowering and supporting the R&D and production projects of Ascle Therapeutics with international production, inspection, and release standards. We are looking forward to closely collaborating with Ascle Therapeutics to jointly promote the CMC and declaration in China of NK cell projects. Through Porton Advanced's CDMO platform, we can swiftly support Ascle Therapeutics in making new progress in NK cell anti-aging, beauty, and cancer prevention."


[1] Yousefzadeh, M. J., Flores, R. R., Zhu, Y., Schmiechen, Z. C., Brooks, R. W., Trussoni, C. E., Cui, Y., Angelini, L., Lee, K. A., McGowan, S. J., Burrack, A. L., Wang, D., Dong, Q., Lu, A., Sano, T., O'Kelly, R. D., McGuckian, C. A., Kato, J. I., Bank, M. P., Wade, E. A., … Niedernhofer, L. J. (2021). An aged immune system drives senescence and ageing of solid organs. Nature, 594(7861), 100–105.

About Ascle Therapeutics

Ascle Therapeutics is an innovative biopharmaceutical company engaged in the R&D and production of breakthrough immune cell therapy products, primarily focusing on the field of NK/CAR-NK anti-tumor immunotherapy drugs. Ascle Therapeutics has developed a comprehensive R&D and production system for immune cell therapy, with three major technology platforms: universal CAR-NK, allogeneic NK/CAR-NK, and mRNA-LNP. It covers core technologies such as antibody screening and expression identification, CAR structure design, CRISPR/Cas gene editing, non-viral vector gene delivery, large-scale cell production, and quality inspection and release, with the aim to develop safe, effective, and cost-controlled products for immune cell therapy, anti-cancer, anti-aging, and beauty, benefiting more patients and customers.

About Porton Advanced

Porton Advanced is a subsidiary of the globally recognized CDMO Porton Pharma Solutions Ltd. (SZSE Stock Code 300363), founded in 2018. Located in Suzhou, China, Porton Advanced offers a cGMP-compliant manufacturing platform for plasmids, cell therapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapy, enabling different development stages for global companies.

Porton Advanced operates on a "Customer First" approach to Gene and Cell Therapeutics (GCT) manufacturing, anchored by its core principles of "Compliance, Expertise, and Open Collaboration". The company operates to rigorous, internationally harmonized Quality Management and IP protection standards, bringing innovative manufacturing solutions to the complex challenges in the GCT space. For more information about Porton Advanced, please visit:

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