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Celebrities Across The Globe Share Healthy Practices With Neuworldz At The Wake of Movember

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Keith Mason

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Neuworldz's CEO Shrabonee Paul Pens Article On Health & Wellness With Well Known Actors Across The Globe Who Join The Cause to Spread Awareness on Movember!

CHICAGO, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Movember is the Month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, and promote both physical and mental health and wellbeing. Men across the globe often grow a moustache in the month of November to spread the awareness of Movember.

This month, some very talented actors from across the globe, French American actor Gilles Marini from Hollywood, Bollywood actor Rajesh Shringarpure from India, and UK's elite sport professional turned actor- producer Keith Mason, shared their fitness and wellness regimes with Indo-American social entrepreneur and CEO of Neuworldz, Shrabonee Paul - who penned an article on men's health and wellness, by sharing insights from their healthy practices and lifestyle.

Health is Wealth! We grew up learning this. However over the years, we often find that while living our fast paced professional lives, health often takes a back step. In fact, a lot of people associate fitness and health with the idea of spending hours at the gym to look great. But health and wellness is an all encompassive term that includes total wellness of body, mind, and inner self.
While working with several celebrity clients, the topic of health and fitness often come around during our conversations. So when we requested them to share some of their fitness tips, what we observe, inspire us to share their healthy practices with the world.

Gilles Marini, USA – The very handsome and charming model and actor made the world skip a heartbeat when he appeared as Dante in the movie Sex and the City, and featured on Vogue’s list as #sexiestmenalive, followed with many amazing Hollywood performances in movies, television series or reality shows. Marini leads a very balanced and disciplined life where he practices staying healthy in mind, body and spirit. He starts his day with 2 glasses of water, followed by breakfast of homemade Omelette, topped with chicken tomatoes and avocado, served with cheese. He regularly full body toning exercises and practices jiu-jitsu for 30 minutes a day. Keeping a protein packed lunch and a light dinner, Marini enjoys healthy snacking through the day, but avoids fried food, soda and gluten.
You will often find him working around the house, building new things all by himself, Hiking or trekking up the woods and spending his time within nature in his wood cabin, to find his happiness within. A forever inspiring, humble and kind hearted man, Marini also reflects the core human values that so brilliantly inspire others.

Rajesh Shringarpure, INDIA – Celebrated for his amazing performances in Bollywood, Indian regional cinema and television and Hollywood for the myriad roles that he played , with his name in the Limca World Records - He is known to change his look and body type to suit the character he plays and brilliantly portraying each one of them. Shringarpure’s hectic schedule keeps him shooting for 16 hours every day, but the dedicated actor maintains a his weekly workout balancing weight training and cardio exercises, and completing his 10k steps every day. Along with eating healthy and avoiding junk, Shringarpure also practices intermittent fasting to maintain his health. In his words, “Fitness to me means to stay strong and flexible and having the stamina to put in the best performance throughout the day.”

Keith Mason, UK - Keith as been into active sports for the majority of his career and he has suffered multiple injuries during his sports days. The retired elite sports star turned actor and still continues to live an active, healthy life as he stays emersed in a regular regime in fitness. Mason highlights on the importance of regular healthy eating with minimal cheat days to keep the body fat levels at minimal doubled with some regular physical activity. Mason also beautifully explains the importance of faith in the Almighty in his life that keeps him overall healthy , hearty and strong from inside and out.

The say wise men think alike, and we found these two brilliant artists share some very similar practices when it comes to wellness. With eating habits and practices, both emphasized the importance of eating healthy, by just being conscious of what food we eat.
“When you don’t buy junk food, you don’t have it so you don’t eat junk” – a simple and straightforward line by Gilles that puts the truth out there.
Reflecting upon it, isn’t it true that we just like to munch away to glory things that taste nice without realizing consciously how every morsel affects our bodies.
As these wonderful human beings across the world come together for a good cause, it is essential to know that awareness and consciousness is the first step towards a healthy life -both mental and physical.

The consciousness of what we ‘consume’ is also important on what we feed our minds. The term ‘food for thought’ implies ideas, learnings or thoughts that feed our minds and shape our way of thinking. It is natural to feel upset or overwhelmed at times. In those moments, reach out to a loved one or other resources of help to speak it out and seek support to overcome anything that is disturbing you. Crying is not a sign of weakness, so if tears can let out your stress, let it flow easily.
Relaxation is important, and positive thinking is key to wellness!
Enjoying calm moments amidst nature, with meditation or yoga, both the stalwarts express the value in filtering out the external noise and enjoy the music within the soul, and enhancing one’s life by improving the quality of one’s thinking.

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