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Peer39 Launches Attention Metrics, Correlating Attention with Contextual Relevance, Suitability, and Sentiment

Advertisers can combine new pre- and post-bid metrics with additional ad environment signals to optimize targeting and campaign performance

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Peer39, the leading global provider of contextual suitability and quality solutions for modern marketers, today launched its new Attention Index for both pre-bid targeting and post-bid analytics insights. For the very first time, advertisers can understand the impact of attention at the intersection of context, suitability, and sentiment, allowing them to optimize campaigns with new levels of transparency.

The Peer39 Attention Index is built on a foundation of 15 different individual dimensions to measure consumer interest in ad placements. Using machine learning, the scores account for the intersection of a number of engagement and quality signals such as user interactions, viewability, number of ads per page, content-to-ad ratio, ad time in view share, and ad clutter signals. Each domain is assigned an Index score, which compares the site to the average Attention scores across all measured domains.

The Indexes enable advertisers to learn first how attention impacts performance to then customize their thresholds while avoiding gamed environments such as Made For Advertising sites.

“Close collaboration with agency and brand partners has shown that attention will play a critical role in the future of digital advertising measurement and activation,” said Mario Diez, CEO of Peer39. “At the same time, it’s also clear that attention as a standalone metric is incomplete. Through this expanded offering, we are creating a way for buyers to apply attention to a broad base of contextual and environmental signals. Because these signals will survive amid cookie-deprecation, they will help prepare buyers for the changing media landscape.”

Brands and agencies can use the Peer39 Attention Index to drive campaign performance out of the gate, improving conversions and uncover insights across creative, using Peer39 Analytics that provide visualization of performance, context, suitability, quality, demographics, device, and browser types - across more than 150 dimensions. Savvy advertisers can also use the Attention Index to correlate attention with other performance metrics, identifying a threshold needed to drive KPIs.

“We’re thrilled to be one of the first users of Peer39's Attention Index,” said Philip Begg, Programmatic Manager at Digitize New Media, a market-leading digital advertising company. “We are eager to trial this new segment particularly within our direct response campaigns. Going forward we’re hoping to use it as an always-on category, and we’re excited to see the future of performance metrics from this tool.

Peer39’s Attention Index is available now across leading DSPs. Ad buyers can immediately use post-bid reporting features on their in-flight campaigns to gain insights into attention and optimize campaigns.

About Peer39
Peer39 is an independent data company that provides the largest data set available in the digital advertising ecosystem. Every day, the industry's leading brands, agencies, and publishers trust Peer39's AI-powered semantic analysis engine to provide a holistic understanding of page content, meaning, and sentiment. We do this by analyzing the relationship between words on a page, the content of a video, or in an app, ensuring appropriate classification. As people's time and attention become more fragmented, Peer39 believes that to succeed, you need as much contextual understanding of your audience as possible. We believe that it's as much about the digital environment as it is about the physical environment. Only then can you deliver the right ad to the right user in the right context.

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