(WHTM) — If you’re looking for a way to help your community any time of year, here are some community service projects you can do from home.

Make hats and scarves

Operation Warm Hearts in Central Pennsylvania collects knit and crocheted hats and scarves to donate to various Pennsylvania organizations. Hats and scarves for men, women, children, and infants are accepted. More information on Operation Warm Hearts can be found here or by emailing opwarmhearts@gmail.com.

Make blankets

In addition to hats and scarves, Operation Warm Hearts also collects no-sew fleece blankets. These blankets should be approximately 50 by 60 inches. Instructions for no-sew fleece blankets are readily available on the internet, but here’s one example to get started.

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If you want to try something a bit more complex, Unto accepts quilts. Here are some instructions for making the quilts, and additional guidelines for quilts and other handmade blankets accepted by Unto can be found here. Blankets can be sent to the Unto Global Logistics Center in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

Write letters

You might be more used to texting and emailing at this point, but there’s something special about receiving a handwritten letter. Love for our Elders provides information and addresses for seniors around the country and invites people to write them kind notes. Follow these guidelines when preparing and sending your letters.

Soldiers’ Angels accepts handwritten notes to be sent to deployed military service members. Volunteers with the Soldiers’ Angels Letter Writing Team compose one-time letters to service members and commit to writing at least one letter a month for three months. Learn more about this program here. And Operation Gratitude accepts letters for military service members and first responders. More information about participating in this program can be found here.

Make pet toys

Did you know you can make pet toys using recycled materials like old clothes? If you like crafting and caring for animals, this might be the project for you! The Anti-Cruelty Society has instructions for DIY pet toys here, as well as information about where to mail your donations. The Pennsylvania SPCA will also accept donations of handmade pet toys.

Prepare LuoPads

LuoPads are washable and reusable feminine hygiene pads made from used flannel sheets and terry cloth towels. Unto accepts donations of LuoPads, which can be made at home following the instructions located here and sent to the Unto Global Logistics Center in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.

Decorate gift bags and prepare craft kits

Volunteers can decorate gift bags and put together craft kits for Caitlin’s Smiles in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The kits are given to children facing chronic or life-threatening illnesses in Pennsylvania and other nearby states. Learn more about decorating bags and creating craft kits here, or check out the Caitlin’s Smiles YouTube channel for additional specifications and video instructions. Completed items can be delivered by mail or dropped off at the Caitlin’s Smiles office in Harrisburg.

This list may be updated periodically. If you know of an at-home community service opportunity that could be added to this list, send an email to avanetten@abc27.com with the details.