Cumberland County homeless shelter in need of warm clothes and supplies


CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — As temperatures are expected to drop into the ’30s at night next week, a homeless shelter in Cumberland County needs warm gear and supplies.

Community Cares homeless shelter in Carlisle assists so many families and the non-profit needs many items to help keep them warm.

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“And imagine if you couldn’t be inside somewhere warm it feel probably 20 degrees colder to you,” executive director of Community Cares Beth Kempf said.

Workers with the homeless shelter say they need blankets, gloves, jackets, and coats for all ages.

“We have families that go to the car or are in their car possibly for a day while they’re trying to figure out how they’re trying to get enough money to pay for the hotel that night and when you have four kids and two adults and one vehicle it is important to make sure you have coats and hats and all that stuff,” outreach team member Ray Shaull said.

Shaull says people who are in need come into the shelter and are asking for items like sleeping bags, hats, to even tents.

Shaull says when a person doesn’t have the gear to stay warm that can affect their health.

“When you don’t have that item to give to them, their walking out and you know that they’re going back into the woods or behind giant wherever they might be without that item and if you’re going to sleep outside without a sleeping bag, without a heavy jacket or thermals that serious,” Ray Shaull said.

The shelter is taking proactive steps by having coats set up outside.

“We will have coats at our tent out front that are available for people at any time, so any level need that you need a coat come get it,” Kempf said.

The donations from the community play a huge role when it comes to staying warm. You can drop off items at the shelter or contact their outreach team.

“But our goal is to connect to them we know that we are not the final fulfillment of need all we are is the catalyst to get them moving from where they are into something much more stabilizing and satisfying for them,” Kempf said.

Community Cares is located at 50 W. Penn St, Carlisle, PA 17013. You can also contact the shelter at 717-249-1009.

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