YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — The future of the historic Hoke House in Spring Grove is still unknown, but a pledge to save the 1750’s stone house was made at Monday’s borough council meeting.

“We pledge $50,000 from the community development fund for one year to preserve or restore the Hoke House, on-site preferably,” said a member of the Spring Grove Borough Council.

The borough said they will commit to this donation, as long as other non-profits and groups in the community chip in to reach an additional $250,000.

Once the $250,000 amount is reached, a non-profit would manage the project.

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“It’s one thing to get up and yell and scream and it’s another to put your money where your mouth is, so I think the borough has done a great job by taking the lead in challenging the community to stand up and preserve it,” said Tracy Haper, executive director for the Spring Grove Area Historical Preservation Society.

Last week, the borough approved Rutter’s permit to demolish the structure. Now, the borough is waiting to hear whether Rutter’s will agree to the new plan. If it does, Hoke House could be restored on-site or the less desirable choice.

“To move the house and to restore it and to keep it standing beyond restoration would require over $1 million,” said Paul Nevin, spokesperson for Friends of the Hoke House.  

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Those at the meeting say this is a good start, but say they’re cautiously optimistic.

“The borough is not the bad guy. The historical society isn’t the bad guy. We have all been talking underneath the noise and trying to make something happen. Until Rutter’s is on board this train, we’re sort of stuck in the station,” said Haper.

The borough says Rutter’s has agreed to a meeting, and they plan to discuss this plan with them.