WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — Washington Township, Franklin County supervisors say that they will use grant funds for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to install accessible playground equipment at Red Run Park.

The DCNR awarded the township $250,000, which the township will use to add Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant (ADA) equipment and features to the park, the supervisors said. The township will match those grant funds with money allocated from the American Rescue Plan funds that were awarded to the township, supervisors said.

ADA-accessible improvements to be added to the park include paved walking trails, playground equipment, and crosswalks, according to the Washington Township supervisors. Additionally, the sand under the existing playgrounds will be replaced with engineered rubber mulch.

“Upgrading the play equipment at Red Run has been a top priority for the Supervisors,” said Assistant Township Manager Vernon Ashway. “In fact, some of the infrastructure hasn’t been touched since I was a kid. We are grateful for the investment in our parks from DCNR and our elected officials in Harrisburg.”

Two rain gardens will also be constructed for stormwater management, and trees and native shrubs will be planted, supervisors said.

“It has been universally accepted that parks play an important role in child development and the quality of life for all individuals. Therefore, fulfilling initiatives to increase the quality of life for all individuals and provide adequate equipment for all children to develop critical social skills is of paramount importance,” the township supervisors said.

“Red Run is one of the most heavily utilized parks in the Township, and providing new recreational opportunities that serve the needs of all residents only makes sense,” said Supervisor Chairman Stewart McCleaf.

Red Run Park is the oldest park owned by Washington Township. It is a 22-acre park that includes a man-made lake, a picnic area, playground equipment, a concession stand, and a miniature train, the supervisors note.