(WHTM) — Medicare open enrollment is happening now and AARP says scammers are trying to take advantage.

AARP says these are examples of common scams related to Medicare open enrollment.

You may get a call saying Medicare is sending out new plastic Medicare cards and you just need to verify your number. Scammers may call you or you could see an ad about braces that relieve joint pain that Medicare will pay for. Or, you could get a call from a Medicare plan company offering a special deal- like a free gift or limited time offer

AARP says this is what you should know. Medicare is sticking with the current paper card. Ads or calls offering free equipment tests or services are scams. Those services are only covered under a doctor’s prescription. According to the law, legitimate Medicare plans can only contact you if you have already contacted them and they are not allowed to offer cash or gifts worth more than $15.

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AARP says you should hang up on anyone who calls and offers to issue a new plastic Medicare card and only share your Medicare number with trusted health care providers.

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