(WHTM) — abc27 is launching a series called AARP Fraud Watch which will help you learn how to spot a scam before it happens to you. This week, the spotlight is on phony investments.

Does that amazing investment opportunity sound too good to be true? Well, it could be.

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AARP says this is how it works. You get an offer for a “once in a lifetime” investment opportunity, but there is always a catch like you have to act quickly or you lose out. And sometimes you may even see the investment pay off at first, which makes you want to stick with it.

This is what you should know, pitch phrases like: “Incredible gains,” “breakout stock pick,” and “high upside at no risk” could suggest high risk and possible fraud.

Scammers want you to act quick so you don’t have time to research what they are offering. And those early payoffs to keep you interested could be the scammer paying existing investors with money from new investors.