A 19-year-old says being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer is the best thing that’s ever happened to him because it’s giving him a platform to help others. In this week’s Heart of the Midstate, we introduce you to Eric Erdman who has six months to live and is spending his final days helping others.

The “Give a Child a Voice” foundation’s slogan is “Break the silence, it will make the world a better place”. The foundation focuses on helping children dealing with 3 things: abuse, bullying, and life-threatening illnesses.

Eric is a Millersburg native and has personally dealt with all three things in his 19 years of life. He was abused as a child, bullied as a young adult and was later diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He only has a few months to live and with his final days is focused on making the world a better place for children.

In addition to helping provide resources and talking with kids who are facing the difficulties he’s faced, Eric’s foundation has also transformed and refurbished his high school’s gym, Millersburg Area High School. Renovations cost more than $300,000 and then they went on to pay it forward and refurbish the rival school’s gym also. They still plan on doing another one.

Eric’s Aunt, Angela Ruch, went back to NASCAR to race for “Give a Child a Voice”. She’s racing for Eric and using her platform to help raise awareness. Eric says he knows the foundation is changing this world for the better. When he passes away he hopes “Give a Child a Voice” will continue for years to come.

To get involved or to learn more about Give a Child a Voice, click here.