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Part 2

The ABC27 News Heart of the Midstate segment highlights an inspirational person or organization every week. This week we’re chatting with 18-year-old Eric Schubert. He was nominated for his working connecting more than 1,000 families through genealogy. 

When he’s not busy studying at Elizabethtown College, the 18-year-old spends his time digging through paperwork at his dorm desk to help others. Schubert has been working on genealogy since he was 10-year-old while growing up in New Jersey. He started learning the skill out of boredom and has since reconnected more than 1,000 people.

His work has been nationally featured and recognized. Last year he received a personal surprise phone call from New Jersey Governor Murphy. In addition to going to school and running his business, Schubert works as an Intern to Elizabethtown President Cecilia M. McCormick, J.D. He recently researched McCormick’s family history too!

You can learn more about Eric and his genealogy services on his website, You can e-mail him at or connect with him on Facebook at