Don’t Waste Your Money: Thanksgiving dinner

Holidays in Central Pa.

(WHTM) — This year, the government says a Thanksgiving meal for a typical family will cost almost $50. It will be the most expensive Thanksgiving dinner ever. But, there are ways to keep those costs down, without going hungry.

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At grocery stores everywhere, managers are trying not to pass rising costs on to customers. That’s even though the wholesale price of turkey is up $0.20 a pound this year. Managers are also seeing price hikes with canned veggies, dinner rolls, and even vanilla extract, so how do you keep your costs down?

The Washington Post says to consider chicken if you can’t find a smaller turkey. Also, downsize on the number of side dishes, from five to two or three. They also say to buy fresh, not canned potatoes. They are cheaper because they are $0.89 a pound and a healthier option. Finally, reduce the number of guests, unless they are bringing food.

Cranberry sauce, canned pumpkin, and the small turkeys will already be in short supply. Though if you can’t find any cranberry sauce, the kids will probably be fine with that.

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