Midstaters can be a Hometown Hero by making a donation during Autism Awareness Month.

Andrew’s Gift is a non-profit that provides services and various grants for individuals with autism.

One of the most popular requests is iPads, along with a free day of training. The coronavirus pandemic put a halt on many of the sessions, This past weekend, organizers held their first training in over a year.

The iPads help individuals communicate and enrich the learning process.

“Often these younger children aren’t speaking yet. We believe getting these iPads into homes and giving them this initial day of training … the potential is huge for these families,” said Dorothy and Andy Ward, founders of Andrew’s Gift. “We are also very active in the school district we are probably in about 12 classrooms now where we provide iPads and other equipment.”

Andrew’s Gift also gets grant requests for camps, swimming lessons and respite care.

The organization is named after the Ward’s 33-year-old son with autism.

All donations made through April 30 will be matched by a generous supporter.

To apply, the grant application can be found here.