(WHTM) — Monday’s hometown heroes are making food donations super easy on Saturday, May 13.

Letter carriers for the US Postal Service will hold their 31 annual Stamp Out Hunger program. This has become the nation’s largest food drive in the US, with over one billion pounds of food donated in a single day.

All you have to do to participate is to put a nonperishable food item by your mailbox on Saturday and your letter carrier will pick it up while dropping off your mail.

“We’re actually in a quiet hunger crisis right now. The hunger crisis that started with the pandemic is still actually in place. It’s been exacerbated by inflation,” said Joe Arthur, executive director of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

“Stamp out Hunger” happens each year on the second Saturday of May. That is when food banks start to run out of Thanksgiving and Christmas donations and need replenishing.