York County students help keep York County SPCA dogs entertained

YORK COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A group of students at school in York County is keeping dogs busy as they wait to be adopted.

Sixth graders at Spring Grove Intermediate School in York County made “snuffle mats” for the York County SPCA.

“I like doing it with my friends knowing that it was to a good cause,” said student Aubrey Shaffer.

“Snuffle mats” are designed to stimulate a dog’s natural sense to forge for food, curiosity, and explore.

This kind of activity makes dogs less anxious and helps to burn off a lot of energy.

“I always liked to help, knowing I can help any dog and make a big difference to them,” said student Lane Reeber.

Students made about 100 snuffle mats over the past few months.