(WHTM) – Visit Hershey and Harrisburg has a new travel experience that’s connecting tourists to black-owned businesses in the Midstate area.

Allison Rohrbaugh, Director of Communications & Content for Visit Hershey & Harrisburg, says they’re “trying to go beyond just listing places to stay and places to eat, trying to highlight the arts and events and galleries and museums.”

On the Visit Hershey & Harrisburg website there’s a new cultural guide that’s a resource to connect travelers to businesses, experiences, events, and highlights the region’s diversity and cultural history.

The dedicated space allows visitors to browse information on black-owned businesses, upcoming events, and unique stories of culture and heritage in the region.

“We know that people do like to support black-owned businesses when they travel so we try to put those into a space where they are readily available and convenient which is great for the traveler but it’s also important for the business,” said Rohrbaugh.

One of those businesses is Good Brotha’s Book Cafe, opened by Stefan Hawkins in 2021 when most businesses were struggling from the pandemic.

“I think we offer a lot and people need to see that and I think we need to highlight ourselves for our own uniqueness,” said Hawkins.

The cafe is located inside the McCormick Library in downtown Harrisburg serving a blend of coffee called “Fifth Acres,” inspired by Hawkins’ hometown and neighborhood.

Hawkins said he “wanted to pay homage to the city that raised me, the coffee being produced from the city and that’s trying to bring recognition to the city.”

The cafe also has black literature on display; Hawkins says having that representation matters “so kids growing up needs to see we have this type of literature that you can read.”

Hawkins hopes to see more black-owned businesses coming into the area, saying “there needs to be a bigger push and incentive” to get more black-owned businesses in the Harrisburg Hershey area.

“We got to live life to the fullest and not be stuck in a box of what we think society wants us to do.”