(WHTM) — Inflation is costing households in the United States an extra $341 a month and local food pantries are also feeling the pinch.

Manheim Central Food Pantry has been serving the community for ten years.

“I never thought when I got into this volunteering that Manheim had people who lived in cars and lived in hotel rooms and things and amazing how it’s increased over the years,” said Nancy Aucker, treasurer and manager for Manheim Central Food Pantry.

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The pantry serves around 130 families every month. Auker says she has noticed the difference. She is seeing more families come in for help.

“We have people who will break down and say, ‘oh well if you need gas here’s some money for it’ and that’s from our volunteers. Some of the stories just touch your heart,” Auker said.

Adam Ozimek, an economist, says, “It’s not likely to be much relief on energy prices throughout the summer. The hope is that other prices start falling and this helps pocketbooks. The good news is that wages are still going up.”

But in the meantime, Auker says that oftentimes we don’t think about everyone else, but there are a lot of people around the community the could use the help. One way to help? Donate or volunteer at a local food bank or pantry.