DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — At Abrams and Weakley in Harrisburg, getting rats out the door and into a loving home is the top priority. 

This is why rat lovers from all over the Midstate ended up here.

“I didn’t even know there was a rat community but it’s worldwide. People are bonkers over the rats,” said Kristen Zellner, owner at Abrams and Weakley General Storm for Animals.

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When word spread about two adoption events, people came in droves. The latest was this past Sunday, Jan. 15.

“People started coming in the door and my head was spinning. They were getting five, and six rats at a time to fill their cages,” Kristen Zellner said.

You might remember their story. The pets for sale are the same rats abandoned in Steelton and Harrisburg back in October.

After they were rescued by a team of volunteers, nurtured back to health, and socialized, these rats, which haven’t been adopted yet, are now looking for their forever homes.

“They all got veterinary care. They got checked out to make sure they don’t have mites and that they don’t have any other illnesses,” Zellner said.

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Kelly Wiant says she never expected to love rats, let alone adopt them.

“They are actually very sweet and affectionate animals. They like to curl up. I could wear a scarf and they curl up and they go to sleep. I like that they’re snuggly,” said Kelly Wiant, of Harrisburg.

Zellner says Abrams and Weakley still have a dozen or two rats left if you’re interested. However, baby rats have to be adopted with adult rats who teach them proper “rat etiquette.”

“They can learn how to use the bathroom in their little litter pan and just like cats, you can train them to go in certain areas and reward them,” Zellner added.