(WHTM) — A lot of families are feeling the pinch of inflation this year and plan to scale back holiday shopping. The Toy Insider is out with its list of Top 12 toys under $20.

Charlene DeLoach, contributing editor of the Toy Insider, says the Pop It Pro will be popular and versatile.

“It’s basically popping bubbles meets Simon Says,” she said. “It’s something that kids can play by themselves. They can follow the lights and level up. They can go back and forth and play with a friend.”

It can also double as entertainment on the go.

“It’s great for the car, too,” DeLoach said. “Throw it in the car and everyone can be sitting in the backseat playing with it. That’s a lot of fun.”

A big collector’s item for kids this year comes from the YouTube series Cats vs. Pickles.

“This year they came in with their pint-sized versions called Kittens vs. Gherkins, which is really fun,” DeLoach said. “What’s great about these is they come in a two-pack for $10, which is a great budget to begin with. But if you really need to stretch your budget farther, open the bag up and gift each one of these to someone else.”

And if you want brand names like Star Wars, going smaller means you can afford more. She recommends the Star Wars micro fleet of vehicles.

“You get the little characters with it and it’s only $15,” DeLoach said.

And if you’re still unsure, DeLoach said a gift card will allow children to buy more in the long run.

“You’re going go to be able to hit those sales that happen after the holiday season,” she said. “So depending on who you’re giving the gift to, they actually might get more for their money with a gift card.”

DeLoach also suggests purchasing board games in a travel size. Not only are they cheaper, but you can play them at home, on vacation, in the car, or at a grandparent’s house. She says you’re increasing the play value at a decreased cost.