(WHTM) — Halloween can be a frightful time for parents trying to keep their child’s nutrition on track.

Dietician Charlotte Scheid of GIANT offered some “better for you” treat options, especially for little ones. They can be used for trick or treat, classroom parties, or a fun snack and craft at home.

Some of her ideas include ghostly raisin boxes wrapped in white paper with sticky eyes, which are a great source of fiber. You can draw a face on some low-fat string cheese for a ghoulish burst of protein. Mummy unsweetened applesauce packets and mandarin orange cup pumpkin faces are also fun, yet nutritious.

For trick-or-treaters, you can offer pre-packaged pretzels or non-food items like glow sticks, bubbles, or stickers.

And before your kids head out to collect candy on Halloween, make sure they eat a balanced meal.

“I think having a meal they really like, a balanced meal…when they get home and put all their candy on the floor, they’re not going to eat it all at once because they’ll already feel full,” Scheid said.

Scheid also suggested not restricting your child’s candy because that could backfire and make them want it more. Instead, encourage them not to indulge until after they’ve had a healthy meal.