Mommy Minute: CVS MinuteClinic says family flu shots are especially important this year

Mommy Minute

The CVS MinuteClinic is reminding people that now is the time to be thinking about this year’s flu shot.

Ideally, experts say you should get your shot before October 1, but no later than October 31. They say it takes two to four weeks to build up antibodies after the shot. While flu season peaks in colder, winter months, it has been known to start as early as October.

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This year, they say it’s key to get the shot to avoid overwhelming local hospitals that are already struggling with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Kids under five are especially vulnerable to flu, so it’s best that everyone in the household is vaccinated, even though last year’s flu season was generally mild.

“We have really relaxed some of our measures here locally…from fatigue,” said CVS Nurse Practitioner Jessica Myers. “So I think it is more important to get one this year because we’re traveling out of the home more, traveling in general, visiting other families, schools are in-person full-time. I really think its more important to get a flu shot this year.”

Many people may wonder if a flu shot would interfere with a COVID-19 injection. Myers says it won’t and that you can actually get both vaccines at the same time.

The CVS MinuteClinic can give a flu shot to anyone 18 months and older right in the pharmacy. Myers says it’s best to make it a family affair because kids tend to relax when they can watch their mom or dad get the shot first.

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