(WHTM) — September is Baby Safety Month. When it comes to the safest places to sleep, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says parents need to keep in mind that “back is best” and “bare is best.”

On average, there are 100 infant deaths each year associated with unsafe sleep environments or nursery products.

“What parents should realize is what’s comfortable for them and what may be traditional to make a baby comfortable could be deadly,” said Pam Springs with the CPSC.

Springs says the only thing that should be in your baby’s bed is a fitted sheet.

“Some babies don’t have the wherewithal to move away if their airways become blocked, so that’s why our firm recommendation is bare is best,” she said. “Put your baby to sleep on a firm, flat surface with a fitted sheet only…nothing else.”

Instead of a blanket, dress babies warmly. Place them on their back and never leave them in an inclined position like a swing. If their airway becomes compressed, many lack the neck strength to correct it.

“Inclined products are not appropriate for baby’s sleep,” Springs said. “We recommend that if baby falls asleep in inclined products, which can happen, that parents automatically move babies to that firm, flat surface with a fitted sheet only.”

To check on the safety of a certain product or access a list of recalled products, you can click here.