Mommy Minute: Tips for successful online learning

Mommy Minute

So many students are learning from home this year; whether by choice or not. Commonwealth Charter Academy in Harrisburg is sharing their tips for online learning success.

One of their top recommendations is to create a space in your home where your child can concentrate.

“Having that area where parents can supervise, you don’t want your student online behind closed doors in a bedroom, but have that area in a public room in the house where mom and dad can monitor their online usage, but that it’s still private and quiet and they can do their schoolwork,” said CCA’s Vice President of Family Services Natasha Shane. “That is an ideal situation.”

Shane says you should make sure you have all the necessary supplies, like pens, pencils and notebooks. But you should also make sure you have the necessary technology and don’t wait until the first day of school to test it.

Learn and understand your school’s plan and adopt a routine at home that models that plan.

Have a set day with learning time, meal time, break time and end time clearly established.

If you or your child get frustrated at any point, take a break and hit the reset button.

“Don’t expect to be an expert on this at the very beginning,” Shane said. “It does take time. There’s a learning curve for everyone when going into online learning for the first time. A little bit of patience with yourself, with your student, goes a long way and will really help.”

If you continue to struggle with online learning, admit when you need help and reach out to your child’s teacher or school administrators for their expertise and advice.

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