Mommy Minute: Tips to up your ‘lunchbox game’

Mommy Minute

It’s back-to-school time and that might have parents scrambling to figure out what to pack in their child’s lunchbox.

A local nutritionist says it’s not super time consuming to add some fun touches that will get your child excited for mealtime.

Holly Doan of GIANT says you should aim to keep lunches simple, fun and colorful.

“You could use cookie cutters to cut fun shapes into their food,” said Doan. “Getting them fun lunchboxes can be important. Sometimes the fun and the colorful can kind of go together, but it really is just creating an experience for them.”

Colorful carrots, mini cucumbers and fruit can make a meal visually appealing and healthy. You can also use something as simple as cookie cutters or cupcake liners to separate food. Bento boxes can give the meal different compartments and layers.

Pre-packaged items can save time. Doan says when looking at those, you should make sure you’re seeking out healthier options, such as the Nature’s Promise line.

And, she says, keep in mind that kids will need some simplicity at school.

“Kiddos don’t have a long time to eat for lunch, so sometimes as parents we want to be the lunchbox superhero, create tacos and make your own pizza, which can be great, but keep in mind they might not have the time to assemble that all,” Doan said. “So keeping it simple for them and what we put in their lunchbox can be really important as well.”

And if you want to make your child smile, include a special little note. You can write it on an applesauce package or even a quick line on a banana to let them know you’re thinking about them.

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