PERRY COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — A proposal to install a new track and turf field in Perry County is causing concern with some residents and parents within the Greenwood School District.

The proposed track and turf field would be built at Greenwood Middle-High School. But some locals are not pleased with the communication from the proposed developer.

“Just more questions than answers at this point,” said Candy Jones, a parent in the Greenwood School District.

School board members were scheduled to meet, discuss, and possibly vote on the proposal on Wednesday night. However, two hours before the meeting, parents received a message from the school saying the track and field proposal was no longer on the agenda.

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“I have my suspicions. I think they know why,” said Linnea Wirth, another parent in the Greenwood School District.

It is unclear why the proposal was taken off the meeting’s agenda, but parents shared these statements with abc27 about one of the board members not being present for the meeting.

“I think it’s about the votes,” said Wirth. “And he would be in favor of that for sure.”

Nobody is sure when the issue will be discussed, but no matter what parents say they are ready to make their concerns hurt.

“There’s a lot of things I feel should come before a turf track and athletic field,” said Jones. “There’s flooring repairs, old appliances, ventilation issues.”

For some, it’s about the money for a small school district, which parents say averages 50 students per graduating class.

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“What they were going to propose tonight is to borrow $3.5 million. We can’t put the burden of the cost of that on the people of this community” said Wirth.

abc27 reached out to the school board for comment, but the board president said the board has no comment at this time.