LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — All across the Midstate, the countdown for New Year’s is underway.

Local businesses are already preparing for the midnight crowd. Decades in Lancaster is hosting its first-ever New Year’s Eve party with arcade games, bowling, and much more.

“It’s definitely going to be a good time. Champagne toast is going to be great. Everybody is excited when the ball drops. We’ll have that on our TVs and it’s downtown so plenty of places to go after. Definitely going to be a good spot when the ball drops,” said Zach Fortunato, assistant manager at Decades Lancaster.

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So if you’re out and about, the Lancaster City Bureau of Police want you to do so safely.

“Either get a Lyft, Uber, or any kind of ride sharing app, or carpool. Go out with somebody who is willing to stay sober for the night,” said Lieutenant Glenn Stoltzfus, of the Lancaster Bureau of Police.

Lieutenant Stoltzfus says law enforcement will be on the roads, stepping up patrols. He says even if you are sober, remember others might not be.

“If you see somebody drifting across the center line or taking turns awkwardly or just looking distracted, we just advise you to slow down. Don’t try to pass them or pick up your own speed to get around them,” Stoltzfus said.

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Stoltzfus says planning ahead can make all the difference.

“Maybe not staying out as late can help you avoid being stuck outside of a bar at two in the morning and no one is available to pick you up and you have to make a decision, but definitely if you’re drinking, don’t drive,” Stoltzfus added.