(WHTM) — On International Women’s Day, abc27 is celebrating by highlighting another Remarkable Woman, Nancy Chavez, a finalist for abc27’s Remarkable Women contest.

Nancy shared her story and how she is helping others who have experienced abuse.

“My ex-husband made sure I knew who was boss in that house,” said Nancy Chavez, who has endured more trauma than most.

“It was very frightening, not only for me but for my daughter.”

Not only did Chavez suffer through years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, but other people in her life were also out to get her.

Chavez’s daughter’s husband hired a hit man to kill her daughter, and Rani Trimble was murdered twenty years ago.

“I’m grateful to be able to say that all the trauma that I went through when I was married and being abused, and the trauma that I went through when Randi was murdered and losing her, has given me strength,” explained Chavez.

Chavez gained the strength to turn monumental pain into action. She did this by starting a camp, as well as other therapy programs, to help the children of domestic violence.

Karen Rousche is on the board of “Randi’s House of Angels.” “Nancy. She’s just a gift. A gift,” said Karen.

“She comes at it from a level of understanding, you know, the experiences that she’s been through and also the passion to make this organization work, Randi’s House of Angels.”

Sixteen-year-old Karenna Kefover went to the camp when she was seven. “I met Miss Nancy and I was like, wow, what a wonderful lady.”

“They kinda helped me see I wasn’t alone, and it helped me understand that there are people there for me,” explained Kefover.

Kefover is now a sophomore at Cedar Cliff High School and a junior camp counselor.

“I don’t ever think I’ll ever be 100%, but I do think I’m way better than I was,” stated Kefover.

To Chavez, she’s proud of the bond that she’s made with the children.

“I was always very proud that we could bring the kids together but more so when they left, they wanted to come back,” explained Chavez.

Chavez still has PTSD, however, people call her a “ray of light.”

These days, she has peace. She is very humbled and grateful. For providing love and compassion to the children of domestic violence, Chavez is an abc27 Remarkable Woman nominee.

On March 29, the finalist for Remarkable Women will be revealed on Good Day PA.