About 250,000 active-duty military members will transition out of service and into civilian life this year. For many, the first step will be finding a job.

That can be easier said than done. Hire Heroes USA is a non-profit that helps veterans do that. It teamed up with the Navy Federal Credit Union for an important year-long research project coming up with the year’s best careers after service.

The healthcare industry topped the list.

“Veterans like to do things, they’re doers,” said Clay Stackhouse, of Navy Federal Credit Union. “When you get out, you have a mission, which is still helping people.”

Here’s the complete top 10 list:
-Government and public administration
-Defense contracting
-Information technology
-Financial services
-Law enforcement

“The key to the list is we didn’t just look at average starting salary, what money you’re going to make,” said Christopher Plamp, of Hire Heroes USA, “We looked at other things like what benefits are for veterans inside of these industries. We also looked at the military population inside of them to make sure these are actually industries that are hiring veterans.”

Hire Heroes USA works with vets on resume-building, interview training, and more. The key is to highlight the skills they receive in the military that are attractive to potential employers.

“It’s a lot of followership, it’s leadership, it’s peer leadership,” said Plamp, “You’ll learn a lot of technical skills. Every piece of the military involves it in some way. Also, a lot of self-confidence and the ability to solve problems on your own. These are all skills and talents the American company is looking for.”

“They said they would support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. These are people you want to hire because they’re good people,” said Stackhouse.

Forty-four percent of vets leave their job after the first year. That’s why Hire Heroes USA says it’s important to find the right job that can turn into a career. Since its founding in 2007, the group has helped more than 40,000 veterans and military spouses find employment.

For more information, visit https://www.navyfederal.org/resources/articles/news/2019-best-careers-after-service.php