Return The Favor: Breakfast with the Veterans

Return The Favor

LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) – A Lancaster County veteran is making sure other Midstate veterans know they are appreciated. He’s come up with a way for them to come together, swap stories, and have a good meal at the same time.

A typical morning at Lyndon’s Diner in Lancaster. Breakfast being made for hungry customers, but one room is special. Bacon and eggs being served to men who served our country when we needed them most.

“It’s a time for us to get together to sit and talk, and share stories,” said veteran Bill Terry. “There’s no agenda, there’s no meeting involved.”

Terry is a Midstate veteran. He joined the navy right out of high school. He fought in Vietnam, Korea, and Desert Shield. He thought it was important for fellow vets to gather, and after going to a veterans breakfast in Gettysburg, he decided to start his own.

“I was moved by that,” said Terry, “I came back here, I came straight to this diner — Lyndon Diner — and asked if we could do the same thing.”

So now they meet here once a month. Breaking bread, and reliving their experiences. Many made sacrifices. This is a chance to get together with others who know what that’s like.

“Fortunately, a lot of us did not pay the ultimate sacrifice,” said Terry. “But we are here to remember what we did and who we represent, serving our country.”

Henry Huber is 91-years-old. He joined the service in 1942. He fought during World World II. There are many things he won’t forget, including finding his brother injured in Guam.

“I saw him in an aid station with his head bandaged up, that really shook me,” said Huber. “Finding him on a stretcher was one of the worst things I saw in the service.”

This is his second breakfast. He says he’ll definitely be back.

And so will Robert Weaver. He’s been to every breakfast so far. It’s that important.

“I’m fortunate to be able to get up and around,” said Weaver. “Some of our veterans lost limbs, lost their lives. It’s the camaraderie, it’s sharing stories, and if somebody has a problem somebody might have the solution for it.”

On this day, like most, someone anonymously picked up the tab. A simple gesture, that means a lot.

“We did something that probably 90% of Americans would not do,” said Terry. “We signed up. We pretty much put our lives on the line, and now it’s our turn to sit back and enjoy it.”

About 25 veterans come to the breakfast every month, but Terry hopes after seeing this story, even more vets decide to join them. They have the breakfast every 4th Thursday of the month at Lyndon’s Diner in Lancaster.

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