(WHTM) — Senator Arthur Haywood had one goal when he met with local leaders at Monday’s roundtable on the state of Black Pennsylvania.

“To hear recommendations from leaders and folks in Lancaster about how we can make this decade that we’re in better than the last decade for Blacks,” said Senator Arthur Hayward, a Philadelphia and Montgomery County Democrat.

A report issued earlier this year highlighted major changes in Pennsylvania’s Black community over the last decade.

While Pennsylvania had 20,000 fewer Black residents in 2021 compared to 2010, but the median income for Black households grew and significantly more Black families now earn $100,000 per year or more.

Now, Haywood says, it’s time to capitalize.

“Tremendous recommendations, expanding dual programs, creating grants for small businesses so they can expand, making sure young people understand that their creativity matters and it’s just not rogue learning,” said Haywood.

This was more than just a conversation for Senator Haywood, it was a signal that it was time to get moving.

“We want to do it now because our community needs to focus on how to continue to make improvements. You can’t take the year-by-year, day-by-day for granted. If we’re going to have a stronger future, we got to make that decision now,” said Haywood.

And he hopes to get everyone involved.

“There is a tremendous commitment to improving our community what we need to do is bring folks together and come up with recommendations about how to do so,” said Haywood.