LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. (WHTM) — After a yearlong search, Dr. Keith Miles Jr. was voted in as the next superintendent in the School District of Lancaster.

“I’m here to help our students who struggle. It’s something that I’m excited about getting up every day. Coming to work and working hard for children that need our support,” said Dr. Miles, the incoming superintendent at the School District of Lancaster.

Board president Robin Goodman and Dr. Miles signed the five-year deal. When Miles officially begins on July 1st he will lead a culturally rich and diverse student body of nearly 12,000.

“He’s already taught and led in urban districts much like ours and even more challenging,” said Robin Goodman, board president at SDoL.  

Dr. Miles currently serves as the superintendent for Bridgeton Public Schools in New Jersey.

“I’ve been leading my district during the pandemic with some of the same challenges that have been experienced all over: teacher shortages, safety of staff, safety of students, and learning loss has been a challenge for us,” said Dr. Miles.

Now, he has a new list of priorities 

“To sit down with the curriculum team, the data, with the principals, the instructional leaders in the district to really deeply understand where the district is and what are some of the challenges,” Dr. Miles added.

Dr. Miles says he wants to inspire students the same way others did for him.

“The exposure to mentors and folks with a different trajectory being an inner city student was eye-opening for me. It changed my whole trajectory. I’ve been on a quest to give back to students to make sure they have those opportunities,” said Dr. Keith Miles.