LANCASTER, Pa. (WHTM) — As the School District of Lancaster (SDoL) searches for its next superintendent, it offered the assistant superintendent job to a familiar face.

Matt Przywara will be assistant superintendent at the School District of Lancaster come July 1, after the school board voted overwhelmingly in his favor.

“One of the things I’m really looking forward to in this new position is to really have a focus on recruitment and retention of our staff,” said Matt Przywara, Acting Superintendent at SDoL.

The new position comes two months after Przywara was passed over for the district’s top job. Students and teachers rallied behind him.

“Reflecting on that really just made me know that for the last 15-and-half years, I’ve made an impact on many people’s lives,” Matt Przywara said.

Przywara is not unfamiliar with the job. He’s been filling in as superintendent since Dr. Damaris Rau left the position back in 2022.

The school board reached an agreement with Przywara, as it evaluates a potential candidate for superintendent. The board’s previous choice withdrew from consideration.

Board President, Robin Goodson, says that led them to Dr. Keith Miles Jr., a superintendent from New Jersey.

“We all heard them. All nine of us heard that our community wanted to be heard and wanted to have a say in the candidate brought forth,” said Goodson. “Academics was definitely a strong point that we wanted to have in a candidate and he had all those qualities we were looking for.”

While the district decides, Acting Superintendent Przywara says the next leader should also have this quality.

“Ultimately, you want to be collaborative. Collaborative leadership is most important,” Przywara said.

The school district has not formally offered Dr. Keith Miles Jr. a contract. It expects a decision in the coming days.