(WHTM) — A couple will be celebrating 40 years together since they “fell for each other” on one of the slopes at Liberty Ski Resort.

To make a long story short, Franklin and Claire Timms were both taking separate ski trips to Liberty Mountain Resort in Fairfield. Claire had been able to take some time off of work, so her and her best friend took a trip to the lodge.

While doing some nighttime skiing, Claire ended up falling on the slope. The fall was one like you’d see in a movie, where your skis end up in all different directions.

Moments later, a man came tumbling down the same hill, stopping near Claire. That man happened to be Franklin.

Franklin had taken his brother skiing, however, his brother had never been skiing before. He explained that he took his brother down the intermediate run like any big brother would.

Throughout the night, Franklin watched his little brother fall… and get up… and fall… and get up.

At one point during the night, Franklin had spotted a woman, that happened to be Claire, gathering her skis after her fall. After he spotted Claire, Franklin turned around and immediately saw his little brother headed right for him, skiing down the hill.

Franklin’s little brother crashed into him, sending Franklin down the hill and landing right next to Claire. Franklin then went over to Claire and helped her up. They both skied together for the rest of the night.

Since cell phones weren’t really a thing at the time, the two grabbed a ski school pamphlet from the lodge and Claire wrote her phone number down.

Unfortunately for them, Franklin had to head back to Virginia the next day. The couple eventually had their first date a few weeks later and before they knew it, they got married on March 25, 1985.

The rest is basically history. Claire and Franklin will celebrate 40 years of meeting and 38 years of marriage this year.

Claire mentioned that on her wedding anniversary, she calls her brother-in-law to thank him for crashing into Franklin that night.

With a love story this sweet, Claire said that their daughter told them they’ve set the bar way too high when it comes to meeting the love of their life.