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Critter care keeps wildlife center hopping

WASHINGTON BORO, Pa. (WHTM) - Betsy Shank is one of the volunteers at Raven Ridge Wildlife Center who nurse wildlife that was abandoned, injured or moved by humans.

"I specialize in squirrels and bunnies," Shank said.

Many animals pass through the doors.

"Since we've opened up, it's been over 4,000 animals. People drive several hours to get animals to us. We're a very small facility and with working just in Lancaster County alone and the surrounding counties, we fill very quickly," Raven Ridge director Tracy Young said.

Especially when it comes to animals that can transmit the fatal rabies virus.

"We all have our pre-exposure shots here, but yeah, it's pretty much protocol, glove handling only with them, and we do vaccinate our animals, too. We hope it at least gives them a chance out in the wild," Young said.

Rehabilitated animals are released, but there are always new ones coming in.

"It's 24 hours a day. You never know what's coming in," Young said. "None of us take vacations. The animals come first. It's a passion. It's just a passion."

The care comes at a cost. The center could use financial help.

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