Cumberland County volunteers raise awareness about area homeless with a new project

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CARLISLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Volunteers in Cumberland County are working on a project that will raise awareness of what it’s like to be homeless.

It’s called the Homeless Remembrance Blanket Project. The group held a test run on how can they achieve their goals and they say more volunteers will make a huge difference.

At the square in the heart of Carlisle volunteers on-site came together to not just clean the area but to layout handmade blankets for the public to see. The team has a goal of 200 more to cover the area.

“Obviously we’re going to have to fill the center of the blanket first to work outside it so we don’t have to stand on it or get on it much. And then the second reason is because we still want more blankets so we were really hoping that this dry run would get some visual out there what we’re trying to do,” Pat LaMarche said.

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Organizer Pat LaMarche says the goal is to get people in the community talking about homelessness. With this project, they say community support is crucial and that’s the key to making this vision come to life.

“So if you feel like you can’t make a whole blanket you can make a square, 12-inch square, you can make three of them, you can make just one of them, and you can be a part of this big project,” LaMarche said.

“Give your name and ask somebody’s name, humanize that person let them know that you see them as a person,” Rev. Stephen Best said.

The team says a big help, is getting to know those who are in need, and this project will help so many who are homeless stay warm.

“I think a lot of times the biggest challenge that we have is that we talk about homelessness and that it’s this abstract idea, these are people, these are people’s lives if we can see the people then we can start to say, ‘okay so what needs to happen?’ Rev. Best said.

The team says getting the groundwork done now is important because next month will be colder.

The group says that’s when they will go back out to the square in Carlisle to make sure those who are in need have a blanket along with a hot meal.

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