(WHTM) — A disabled opossum from Pennsylvania has won a spot in the 2024 Walkin’ Pets Calendar. The Calendar contest is a way to raise pet mobility awareness and celebrate the strength of handicapped animals.

Olli the Opposum was attacked by several predators when he was a baby, which caused bite wounds, abscesses, and a spinal cord injury that caused him to not be able to have weight on his hind legs.

Olli was then rescued and brought to the vet by Cheri, who is now Olli’s mom, in hopes of saving his life.

“Regardless of how difficult his rehabilitation would be, we would face the challenges together! This amazing little boy had come so far, but I knew he deserved much more! That’s when I started researching animal wheelchair devices online and found a fellow rehabber, Tonya Poindexter of Wilderness Trail Wildlife Center (KY), who had Kewpie, the opossum. In honor of Kewpie, who passed away, Tonya graciously shared Kewpie’s wheelchair with Olli!”Cheri said.

After using the wheelchair, Olli was able to move freely without dragging his hind legs. The opossum also learned how to run with the wheelchair

“Olli and I want to remind everyone who might find an injured wild animal not to try to care for it themselves, but to find a local wildlife center or licensed rehabilitator who can offer professional assistance,” Cheri said.

For information about the Walkin’ Pets Calendar, click here.