(WHTM) — If you’re familiar with the Nutcracker ballet, you know how flexible and graceful the dancers must be. Now, imagine performing after having your spine surgically straightened

Aubrey Cinda has been dancing since she was in preschool. When she was nine, doctors saw curvature in her spine and she was diagnosed with scoliosis.

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“He told us if the curve progressed to 25 degrees, that she would need a brace to wear.” Aubrey’s mother Jamie Bolek said.

When scoliosis worsens, spinal fusion surgery, where metal rods are reinserted to reposition the spine, is considered the go-to standard. But, Dr. Ryan Goodwin at Cleveland Clinic Children’s suggested a more flexible solution.

“Tethering is an option for patients who still have growth remaining and their curves are large enough. We apply the tether to one side.” Dr. Goodwin said. “So what that would do, is actually straighten it a little bit and it keeps the one side from growing and as the child continues to grow, this side of the spine will continue to grow straighter over time.”

Aubrey underwent a four-hour minimally invasive tethering surgery. Five months later she returned to dance, gymnastics, and aerial acrobatics

“I feel the same as I was like before I was diagnosed,” Aubrey said.