ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. (WHTM) — Friday’s hometown heroes rebuilt homes during the winter season.

A group of students from Elizabethtown College traveled to North Carolina over their winter break. While there, they helped remodel homes damaged by hurricanes.

“Going to North Carolina to help fix someone’s home after construction fraud following a hurricane in 2018, I realized that we gave people more than just their home back, we gave them hope,” Occupational Therapy major Cassie Paschos ’24 said. “The day you give someone hope is the day a memory forms from what you did for someone. As the women who we helped said, ‘When you give you also receive.’”

E-town college students have been doing this since 2018, however, this was the first trip since the pandemic.

“Meeting the people we were serving and being a part of their community for a few days was amazing,” Public Health and Political Science major Elsa Woodarek ’26 said. “It made what we were doing so meaningful.”