BALTIMORE, Md. (WHTM) — Prepare for cuteness overload. Two new sitatunga calves were born this past weekend at the Maryland Zoo.

Last Friday afternoon on September 9, a female calf was born to Mousse. The second female calf was born on Sunday afternoon on September 11, to Peggy. The father of Mousse and Peggy is Beau, who was specifically selected to be part of the sitatunga breeding program.

Credit of the Maryland Zoo

“This is Mousse’s third calf so she is a very experienced parent,” said Erin Grimm, Curator of Mammals at the Maryland Zoo. “For Peggy, it’s her first calf and we’re pleased that she and the newborn are starting to bond well with each other.”

The new baby calves are going to join a sitatunga herd of 10 animals. If you’d like to see these baby calves they can be found in two habitats along the boardwalk in the Zoo’s African Journey.

Sitatungas are a species of antelope native to Central Africa. They are known to live in swamps, marshes, and floodplains. You might find them hiding out in the water, as long as their eyes and noses are sticking out. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to over-hunting and habitat loss, due to people draining and developing swamp land. Sitatunga are not classified as threatened or endangered.