MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (WHTM) — A Purple Heart medal that was lost for over 70 years was reunited with the family of a Fallen US Army Soldier on Sunday, Feb 26.

In October of 1951, US Army soldier Charles Manhollen was killed in action in the Battle of Heartbreak Ridge during the Korean War.

The Purple Heart that was awarded to his family got lost in a move. It was recently discovered in a filing cabinet in central Pennsylvania that was purchased by its owner about 20 years ago at an auction.

Two members of VFW Post 7530 from Lower Allen Township did archival and genealogy research and tracked down his surviving family. They arranged for it to be reunited with Manhollen’s family.

“I’m very thankful that I could take a small part of it. By realizing I had something special at the time by saving it and giving it to my son Scott who took it upon himself to see that it got to the family” Don Barlup said. Barlup was the individual who was around the Purple Heart in a filing cabinet.

“My grandmother kept it and she was so proud of it, then my mother got it when she died. When my grandmother died, and it’s down to us now so that’s really terrific,” Charles Manhollen’s Niece Nancy Kline said.

Guests at the ceremony included multiple state senators and representatives and other Korean War Veterans.