SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — In July, on Interstate 83 in Swatara Township, Dauphin County, there was a scene that two sisters saw while driving behind one man.

“I was driving at the time my sister was in the passenger seat and we were getting off the highway the three lanes over to get off at the Bass Pro exit and the car in front of us started to veer off to the left and hit some of the big cones. And right away, I looked at my sister and said that ‘something is wrong this just doesn’t happen,'” Cynthia Goals said.

“We feel that God puts you in the right place and we didn’t hesitate. We knew we had to go into action,” Christina Stark said.

They stopped and called 911. After calling, they started CPR as best they could until first responders arrived to care for, who they found out was Andrew Knisley of Northumberland County.

“After we got on scene, I know the fire department defibrillated Andrew twice before we got there. I ended up defibrillating him seven more times after giving him three or four medications. Something wasn’t working,” Paramedic Josh Erdman with Community Life Team said.

Before another round, Knisely’s heart started to beat.

“I am just so blessed to be here and so thankful for all the work that was done on me by a multitude of people,” Knisely said.

Blessed indeed. Knisley is a pastor at Elysburg Alliance Church.

“I was in the coma for the better part of a week or so,” Knisley said.

Once awake, Knisley went to a rehab facility

“(I) Went for a two-hour neuro exam and the guy said ‘we see no evidence of brain injury, it looks like you are right where you should be’. Which is amazing because they are telling me I was dead for about 20 minutes off and on,” Knisley added.

This leads us back to the miraculous gathering.

“Coming back and seeing him today after doing a lot of things to him to bring him back and to see he has no issues as I told you before, it’s unheard of to have someone who had to be defibrillated 12 times come back with no neuro deficit to be able to stand here and have a conversation with me is amazing,” Erdman said.

“You know Jesus tells the story of a good samaritan and those two ladies who stopped originally they are not professionals. They weren’t sure how to make up for my situation they did what they could and I am convinced they literally kept me alive,” Knisley said.

All those directly involved in saving his life received a life-saving award.