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Something Good

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WHTM) — A group of eighth-grade girls from all over the Central Pennsylvania area come together in Lower Paxton Township to form an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) team.

COVID-19 has been tough on the team as it has the rest of the world, but these girls have found a way to be able to practice safely. They practice in what’s known as the Cavoli Barn, a barn that was renovated into a full-length basketball court.

The girls are strong, but it’s their coach that gives them the inspiration needed to reach the next level.

Taylor Dippery serves as the coach of the team. She has Spina Bifida, which limits her to a wheelchair permanently. She doesn’t let her struggles weigh her down, and she inspires her girls to keep pushing forward. “It’s like she’s everywhere at once. Even if she doesn’t feel like it sometimes. She’s always there to watch us and make sure we are on top of our game,” said Sam Witnick, who plays on the team.

Dippery said “don’t ever give up on your dreams. If you have knowledge of the game you can find two great guys as I have – Coach C (Corey Dickerson) and coach Greg (Greg Cavoli) – that can take the thoughts and make the movements happen that I can’t do with my legs.”

The team is playing Saturday and Sunday at the U.S. Junior Nationals in Philadelphia. Saturday is Dippery’s birthday. Happy Birthday!

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