STEELTON, Pa. (WHTM) — An update on a group that’s working to curb the feral cat population. Steelton Community Cats has reached a milestone.

In a former Steelton bank, traps line tables. “We’ve done over 10,000 cats,” Rosemary Loncar said. And they’re still counting.

Felines get fixed through a trap, neuter, release program called Steelton Community Cats. The volunteer-supported nonprofit roams across townships too. “Our participating communities of Steelton Borough, Lower Swatara, Swatara Township,” Loncar said. “We are very proud. We have had the support of Steelton Borough all these 12 years.”

A grassroots effort with many dedicated animal lovers, who have kept thousands of ferals from invading communities. “Cats can reproduce very quickly, you can have hundreds of thousands from just two starting in a matter of years,” Dr. Diane Ford said.

Among those donating their time, “We have a great vet who comes here. She devotes her time. She brings her staff. We couldn’t do it without her,” Loncar said.

The Vetting Zoo’s staff led by Dr. Diane Ford. “In addition, we do rabies vaccination with every cat that comes through the program which is incredibly important because rabies is a very serious public threat,” Dr. Ford said.

“These cats that do come in get the best treatment ever,” Loncar said.

Steelton Community Cats and The Vetting Zoo also hold low-cost clinics. It can always use volunteers, money, and other donations. For more information, you can visit Steelton Community Cats’ website through the link here.