Trinity high school basketball coach in need of kidney transplant

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A local young woman who gives back to her community needs the community to come together for her to do something good.

“I am a very social person so trying to stay connected through social media,” said Miranda Nixon. Social distancing during the pandemic can be tough for extroverts like Susquehanna Townships Miranda Nixon.

Being on lockdown is even harder when you live with kidney disease.

“I am immunocompromised. So, I can’t be out and about and around other people. I have to be more careful because I was diagnosed with kidney disease at 17.

Now that I am getting older it is starting to progress more and more,” Nixon said. It has now reached the point where she spends hours on dialysis every day. “There is peritoneal dialysis which is what I am on.

I’m on at home d it’s a port inserted in your abdomen and you connect to a machine every night mines about 9 hours,” Nixon said.

Nixon, A girls basketball coach, Trinity High School, and Holy Cross University graduate, who majored in sociology, is also on a waiting list for a kidney.

Her family is not a match, Nixon is hoping the kidney exchange program will find one for her and others. “Even if it wasn’t a match that would be awesome.

Like just getting tested because there are programs you could swap with other patients on the kidney transplant list,” Nixon said.

“Because people in Central PA are generous but they are not always a match with the potential recipient.

The donors donate for Miranda and she gets a kidney whether it’s directly or indirectly,” Dr. Harold Yang with UPMC Pinnacle is Nixon’s transplant surgeon said.

Dr. Yang also explains the process for a person willing to give.”We do donor nephrectomy with a pure laparoscopic technique,” Yang said.

The procedure uses 3 small incisions. “The patient typically spends two to three days in the hospital,” Yang said.

The recipient, like Nixon, gets the gift of life along with a chance to give back. “I am positive about it every day.

I want to be traveling, be working with people, I’ll still be young,” Nixon said.

Dr. Yang says a donated kidney could last over 20 years.

If you would like to help Nixon call UPMC Pinnacle at 1-877-778-6110   or click here.


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