DOVER, Pa. (WHTM) — After the heavy snowfall, you can find 11-year-old Mason Torbert working hard shoveling snow so he can save up money to play his favorite sport, football with his friends.

“I want to work for it and get it done, so I can go play tackle because I love that sport,” Torbert said.

Torbert says the cold weather is no problem at all, and his five-dollar job for each walk or driveway won’t take long for him.

“Sometimes an hour, it just depends how long it is,” Torbert said.

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Overall, Mason says he just wants to help.

“If he sees you, he’s going to stop and help you,” Tanya Little said.

Single mother of four Tanya Little says the pandemic has affected the family and when it comes to football gear, cleats, and enrollment that can all get expensive.

“I think it’s important for them to learn that I have to do in life to get in life, not just hey my mom is just going to give me,” Little said.

Mason says he wants to earn what he makes so he can have a successful football season.

“I want other people to go out and do work so they can own it instead of sitting there and doing nothing,” Torbert said.

“Oh I’m proud of him, I’m very proud and he’s so active plus it gets him out of my hair a little bit,” Little said.

Mason says there’s not a particular goal moneywise he wants to achieve the main thing, he just wants to help those who can’t shovel snow which includes the elderly.

If you would like to help Mason reach his goals, please click here.