PENNSYLVANIA (WHTM) — As we all begin to emerge from our homes and enjoy the warm weather, we’ll be joined with many animals who share a similar idea.

Here are some animals you may see more this spring, according to the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Black Bears

Black Bears begin to emerge from their hibernation in March or April. You’ll want to make sure to keep your bird feeders and other attractants secured from bears, because they’ll be on the prowl for food to help them bulk up again.


Groundhogs will begin making their appearance after hibernation in late February and March, just in time for their mating season. You can be on the lookout for baby groundhogs in April and early May. Another small rodent that emerges from hibernation are chipmunks.


Bats, the only mammals that can fly, begin to emerge from their hibernation in the spring. Six of Pennsylvania’s native bats emerge from their hibernation, while three others migrate to the south.


Songbirds will be returning from the migrations, and you might hear them singing early in the morning. Migratory birds, such as Baltimore orioles, scarlet tanagers, and broad-winged hawks will be singing in order to establish their territories, as well as create and maintain pair bonds. You’ll also see Eastern bluebirds making their appearances again after returning from migration in the early spring months.


Turkeys don’t migrate during the winter, they just “tough it out.” Around March, male turkeys will begin to try to attract a mate for the breeding season.


Fawns will begin to make their appearance around May or June. The majority of female deer give birth to twins, and less than 5% will have triplets. Mothers will usually leave their fawns alone during the day while they go out to find food for themselves.

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Cottontails will usually give birth to their first litter in March, ranging from two to nine baby cottontails. After 16 days, on average, the baby cottontails are considered grown up and are left on their own.

Red Fox Pups

Red Fox Pups will be making their appearance in the spring. Around six pups are born per litter, and they will live in an underground den until August. So, it may be rare you’ll see a pup, just know that they are out there.

Other Baby Animals

Many other baby animals are born in the spring including beavers, skunks, raccoons, and porcupines.