(WHTM) — Spring brings us warmer and longer days, but FEMA is reminding residents that it also brings the risk of flooding and is urging those to take a moment and look at whether or not they are prepared if parts of the region experience flooding.

“Every step you take now to prepare ahead of a storm or flooding event can help not only protect your family and the life you have built but help you recover quickly as well,” said FEMA Region 3 Regional Administrator MaryAnn Tierney. “I encourage everyone to make a plan and practice it with their families.”

FEMA states that the following actions can be taken if residents know that their property is vulnerable to flooding.

  • Raise or flood-proof your washer, dryer, water heater, and HVAC systems. If possible, move these appliances out of your basement to the second floor or attic.
  • Relocate electrical outlets to three feet above the floor.
  • Seal your basement walls with waterproofing compounds.
  • Elevate the exterior air conditioning compressor 2-3 feet.

Residents should also make a plan for their household, including pets, so you and your family are aware of what to do if flooding occurs. FEMA recommends to following:

  • Gather essential documents and information and place them in a waterproof container, along with creating password-protected digital copies.
  • Move all valuable items to a higher level of the home. Prepare your home by performing regular inspections to identify home weaknesses.
  • Check and clean home gutters often to ensure that the home has a well-operated draining system.

During floods, FEMA states to pay attention to first responders and evacuate immediately if told to do so.