Susquehanna Service Dogs raising puppies to assist people with disabilities


GRANTVILLE, Pa. (WHTM) — Susan Tyson is a long time volunteer with Susquehanna Service Dogs and has raised a lot of litters for the nonprofit that assist people with disabilities.

“Two girls and four boys and they’re a little bit noisy sometimes and they are growing very normal and healthy. They are about 4 pounds, they started out at one pound and they are making progress leaps and bounds,” Tyson said. “So with the crisis, we are having, I thought, all the people sitting around twiddling their thumbs, maybe we can entertain them and teach them something.”

Each day at 1 p.m. she talks about the litter and the journey these puppies are taking to become service dogs.

“I just talk about the development of the puppies what they are doing and how what we are doing connects to a better service dog,” Tyson said.

“I think it is so great for people to engage that way and they feel like they are so much part of the process and Susan gives so much information, education and not just talking about SSD but about the development of dogs,” said Deb Tack, Partner Coordinator with Susquehanna Service Dogs. “It helps people learn about us, our organization, and the importance of service dogs how they can help people live a much fuller and independent life.”

SSD is always looking for puppy raisers, sitters, and financial support. It takes about 18 months and $30,000 to turn a puppy into an assistance dog.

“These dogs change people’s lives,” Tyson said.

SSD is a program of Keystone Human Services.

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