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Val's Kids: Alex - Revisited

Alex will melt your heart. His giggles during his yoga ball sessions are infectious.

The soon to be five year old loves animals, goats, cats and chickens are his favorites. Alex needs a family that is willing to learn the skills needed to care for him. "Alex enjoys being bounced.. he likes people and to be cuddled. He enjoys spending time on his iPad and playing with it," Nicole Revla, Alex's case worker. "Alex is a very resilient little boy. Very sweet. He's made a lot of progress with a medical milestone recently he does needs. He does have a lot of medical issues but there is a team working around him very hard to make sure we are moving forward," 

Katie Juliana, Alex's adoption worker case. Alex turns five on October 26. His care team hopes someone will make his birthday wish come true by providing him with a permanent loving family.

You can visit the link below to view all the kids waiting for a forever home.

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